Business Monitoring

Business monitoring automatically detects correlations, trends, and anomalies across large numbers of business metrics using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), intelligently alerting users about issues that may impact business outcomes.

Added Perspectives
Business monitoring platforms function like smart notification systems that automatically detect relevant trends, correlations, and anomalies in large volumes of data and alert users about issues that may impact business outcomes. Unlike prior generations of alerting mechanisms, they excel at separating signal from noise. They also quickly learn what business users consider relevant and deliver only those insights.
New business monitoring systems track business metrics continuously and use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies, identify root causes, and suggest fixes.
o Business Metrics," Jun 26, 2020 (Webcast) “The business monitoring revolution has just begun. Today, these systems detect anomalies, identify correlations, and display potential root causes. Soon, they may suggest remedies, predict change, and suggest ways to optimize processes to avoid issues in the future. In essence, the systems will automate things that humans can’t do and augment what humans can with real-time recommendations and suggestions.
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