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Data Access Management

Data access management is the process of defining and enforcing policies that control access to structured and semi-structured data throughout the enterprise.

Added Perspectives
Until recently, data teams had to manage a trade-off between data access and data protection. More data access meant less data protection; more stringent protection meant less data access. This zero-sum game does not work for today’s complex global data landscape. With the new approach to data access management (DAM), organizations can provide greater data access and better data protection through centrally managed data access policies that are universally enforced.
- Jay Piscioneri in Data Access Management: Zero-Sum Game Over September 20, 2022
There are two primary ways vendors approach policy enforcement. The first approach is through generating code that the source data system executes to enforce policies. The second is a proxy data engine that preprocesses data from a data source to apply policy access rules.
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