Self-Service Analytics


A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics

To succeed with self-service analytics, organizations need a reference architecture that maps business users, technology, and developers to an information supply chain designed to turn data and insights into action. The architecture shows how to stitch self-service capabilities into the supply...

How to Succeed with Self-Service Analytics: Balancing Empowerment and Governance

This report describes why self-service analytics seems so easy in theory but is challenging in practice.

Supporting Self-Service Analytics with a Unified Platform

Self-service analytics still requires technical staff to maintain different data infrastructure for different user types. A unified platform can help.

Power User Networks: The Key to Self Service Analytics

Data analysts who sit in each business function (i.e., sales, marketing, finance) are critical to the success of a self-service analytics strategy. The...

Keys to Self-Service Success: How to Empower Business Users without Losing Control - Slide Presentation

Wayne Eckerson presents a framework for implementing self-service successfully based extensive experience and best practices. 


Jeff Magnusson: How To Create A Self-Service Data Platform For Data Scientists

In this podcast, Wayne Eckerson and Jeff Magnusson discuss a self-service model for data science work and the role of a data platform in that environment. Magnusson also talks about Flotilla, a new open source API that makes it easy for data scientists to execute tasks on the data platform.

Part I - Self-Service Analytics: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Self-service analytics is a win-win proposition for both business users and the information technology (IT) department. So why do most organizations...

Part II: One Size Does Not Fit All: Customizing Self-Service Analytics For Business Users

Many BI leaders don’t recognize that there is no single formula to self-service success. In fact, self-service is different for every business user....

Part III - Self-Service Workflows: Curate, Create, Consume

Contrary to what many vendors proselytize, the goal of BI is to minimize the need for self-service, not maximize its use.

Self-Service Triumvirate: The New Data Analyst Workbench

A data analyst workbench that integrates data catalog, data preparation, and data analysis functionality is inevitable. 


Organizational Frameworks for Data Analytics: Establishing Programs, Teams, and Roles in the Age of Self-Service

It’s not technology that determines success in data analytics; it’s people, processes, and programs, which is the focus of this special report.

Self-Service Analytics: Six-Steps to Success

Self-service analytics sounds great: the business gets the information it wants, how it wants it, and the IT department offloads custom report...

How to Make a Smooth Transition to Self-Service Predictive Analytics

This article outlines a way for business users to smoothly transition from not using predictive analytics to reliably using self-service offerings.

Analytics Operating Model: How to Manage Requests in a Self-Service Environment

Self-service analytics needs the right people in the right roles doing the right things. But that requires a carefully crafted analytics operating model.

BI Success Tip #1: Don't Fight It - Go With It

How do business intelligence managers survive and thrive in a new world where business people have self-service tools?