Data Marketplace

A public data exchange that allows companies to supply and consume data products, with commercial transactions occurring either inside or outside the platform.

Added Perspectives
A data marketplace is a public data exchange open to any company that wants to supply or consume data. Some marketplaces are global in scope, spanning every industry, function, and type of data. For example, AWS, Snowflake, Dawex, and Narrative have global data marketplaces. But there are also niche data marketplaces that focus on a single industry. For instance, Crux Informatics is a data exchange for financial firms that provides a network and services to connect suppliers and consumers. Another example is Terbine, a marketplace that sells only machine-generated data.
The enterprise data marketplace is built for people seeking data sets to meet their analysis and reporting needs-data shopper. The term data shopper describes the kind of user experience - a true digital marketplace experience - and is not intended to imply exchange of money. In the self-service world, we think first of people seeking data, but it is important to note that downstream applications and analytic algorithms may also be data shoppers.
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