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Analytics Council

A cross-functional committee of business users that oversees, standardizes, and governs the enterprise data and analytics program at an organization. The council, which is supported by a chief data officer or equivalent, functions similarly to a board of directors. 

Added Perspectives
This Analytics Council is responsible for setting standards and aligning activities across the organization. This body manages one or more of the governance processes listed in table 1, with direction and support from a chief data officer or vice president of data and analytics, who functions as program manager.
One sign of an analytics culture is the existence of an Analytics Council. This is a cross-functional committee of representatives from every business unit and department that uses data. The council functions like a board of directors, overseeing the data analytics function inside an organization. It reviews the data strategy created by the data team and approves budgets and funding. Most importantly, it works with the data team to define standards, policies, and initiatives that guide the implementation of the data strategy. These range from training and support to project prioritization and data governance.
- Wayne Eckerson in Creating an Analytics Culture, Part III: Sideways-In Traits November 11, 2020
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