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Webinar slides - Business Monitoring Systems - Applying Machine Learning to Business Metrics

Business Monitoring Systems - Applying Machine Learning to Business Metrics

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Time is the universal dimension that weaves through every analysis and performance dashboard. But most enterprise dashboards only show a snapshot of business activity with some trending information. But that is changing. New business monitoring systems track business metrics continuously and use artificial intelligence to detect anomalies, identify root causes, and suggest fixes.

Monitoring tools are not new. Organizations have long used monitoring systems to track the health of technical infrastructure and applications. But soon they’ll use it to continuously monitor tens of thousands of business metrics (e.g., sales, quotes, returns, profits across every dimension). In the process, business monitoring systems will radically change the landscape for BI and analytics.

This webinar describes the capabilities and use cases for business monitoring systems as well as their benefits and challenges. It outlines the current state of the market, its future potential, and key players in the space.

Wayne Eckerson

Wayne Eckerson is an internationally recognized thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field. He is a sought-after consultant and noted speaker who thinks critically, writes clearly and presents...

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