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Data Engineering for Generative AI: Evaluating New Pipeline Tools

May 28, 2024 at 11:00 am EST

This webinar offers a guide for data engineering leaders to evaluate such tools. We recommend five product evaluation criteria: breadth of functionality, ease of use, governance, performance and scalability, and cost. Data engineering leaders and their teams can use these criteria to compare commercial and homegrown options to one another, ensuring they have the right tool to enable GenAI innovation.

Join Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at BARC, and Luke Roquet, COO and co-founder of Datavolo, to learn:

● What GenAI is and how it works

● Why and how companies are applying GenAI language models to their data

● Criteria for data engineering teams to evaluate data pipeline tools in this space

● GenAI risks and governance techniques to mitigate them

● Guiding principles for successful implementation

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Community Forum Webinars

A Guide to Data Products: Everything You Need to Understand, Plan, and Implement

May 31, 2024 at 01:00 pm EST

This webinar gives data and business leaders a headstart in learning how to transform their data and analytics programs into product organizations. It will describe the roles, processes, and technologies required to become a product-driven organization and provide checklists and frameworks to simplify the transformation. Besides our experts at Eckerson Group, the webinar features Henrik Strandberg, a data leader who built a data products organization and Anthony Cosgrove whose software company offers a data product platform for publishing, consuming, and sharing data products.

This conversational webinar is divided into three sections and is based on content in our “Guide to Data Products” webpage.

Understand. Learn what defines a data product and what a data product is not. Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing data products and industry trends.

Plan. Step through a readiness checklist and maturity model that explain what it takes to launch and grow a data product organization. And learn how to evaluate and select best-in-class data marketplace platforms

Implement. Learn about a data product playbook that steps your team through the process of creating a data product organization and implementing a data marketplace platform.

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