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Data Mesh

A distributed data architecture in which business units own, manage, and publish data for others to consume. In a data mesh, data doesn’t move, instead consumers, such as corporate data analysts, get it from the department.

Added Perspectives
The data mesh is similar to the concept of self-service analytics, in which business domain experts analyze data and build reports themselves, with minimal IT support. But unlike self-service analytics, in a data mesh, these domain experts also create and publish their data as a product for the rest of the business to consume as well. Such an approach raises the tension between central governance – still of paramount importance – and business unit autonomy. Consider the data mesh a federation, with independent business owners still agreeing on a common language and common units of exchange.
- Kevin Petrie in The Data Mesh: Re-Thinking Data Integration March 13, 2020
Our clients now ask us about the “data mesh”- an emerging distributed architecture that addresses the shortcomings of traditional centralized data architectures which power most enterprises today... To be fair, the data mesh as conceived by Zhamak Dehghani is broader than a traditional data virtualization tool. It embeds the technology within a decentralized ownership model, distributed data development, and federated governance. It also requires a common data platform that abstracts the complexity of building and managing data products and semantic models so ordinary business users can publish data to the mesh.
- Wayne Eckerson in Rethinking the Data Mesh: Apply it Piecemeal November 15, 2021
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