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Edge Analytics

An approach to analytics that applies calculations to data at the point of origin, such as an internet-of-thing (IoT) device, or on an intermediary device, such as a gateway server. This contrasts with the traditional method of consolidating events on a central server, or data warehouse, to perform analytics.

Added Perspectives
The idea behind edge analytics is to push analytic functions to source systems and thereby reduce data transmission volumes by transferring only aggregated results to a host application. By way of illustration, modern jet engines generate up to a terabyte of data per flight [2]. Given this fact, it is reasonable to transfer average values or outliers rather than the entire stream of data. In addition, these aggregate values can be processed and stored at the device and transferred at a later time, e.g. when the device has better network connection.
- Julian Ereth in Edge Analytics in the Internet of Things September 25, 2016
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