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Data Visualization

The visual display of quantitative information in the form of charts or other graphics that business people can use to view, analyze, or interpret data. 

Added Perspectives
Data visualization is at the heart of business analytics. It is the means by which we turn large amounts of complex data into understandable, insightful, and often compelling business communications. Analytics effectiveness and impact depends on visualization skills of two kinds: the ability to create visuals and ability to understand visuals. The real value of visualization does not come from creating visuals, but from understanding what they can tell you. Making them understandable, of course, depends on the abilities of those who make visuals. But value and impact are derived from those who read them, interpret them, and use them to drive conversation, collaboration, and innovation.
- Dave Wells in The Other Side of Data Visualization February 13, 2017
Visualization solutions generate real-time dashboards and charts by analyzing data with integrated algorithms or potential ML options. These graphical solutions can help your organizations democratize data and increase data literacy by delivering intuitive graphical results to business-oriented users. Where data teams have the need and inhouse expertise, they also can create custom visualizations with either open-source or commercial software. Generally, the larger, more mature organizations, or younger, Kafka-savvy ventures are most likely to have these inhouse skills.
- Kevin Petrie in Planning Your Data Architecture for Streaming Analytics January 14, 2020
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