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Augmented Analytics

The use of artificial intelligence within data and analytics tools to supplement the work of an individual in preparing, analyzing, or modeling data.

Added Perspectives
One thing AI for BI won’t do is replace data analysts—in fact, it will make them more productive. Many AI-infused BI tools can automatically generate data models from raw data sets and build routine reports and dashboards, saving analysts hours of tedious work. The tools can also surface insights that might take experienced data analysts hours or days to find, if at all. AI-based software can run hundreds of models simultaneously, suggest an optimal combination, and deploy it—a process that takes skilled data scientists months to perform.
Augmented analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools easier to use to generate insights not possible with earlier generations of products. However, this doesn’t mean all business users will universally adopt all the new features. Analytics leaders need to understand the target audience for these features before rolling them out broadly.
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