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Analyst Workflow

To deliver insights or answer questions, a data analyst finds, combines, prepares, analyzes, visualizes, and shares data. 

Added Perspectives
With self-service analytic tools, however, power users can participate in the curation process. Using data preparation tools, they can transform, blend, and enrich enterprise and local data in an iterative manner. With visual discovery tools, they can visualize and analyze data and share their findings with departmental colleagues and managers. These casual users then view, search, modify, and discuss the power user reports and act on the results.
Workflow defines and manages the sequencing and dependencies of processes in the data pipeline. Sequences and dependencies need to be managed at two levels: individual tasks to perform a specific processing function, and jobs that combine many tasks to be executed as a unit.
- Dave Wells in The Complexities of Modern Data Pipelines July 4, 2018
Dataflow and Workflow Management implements, automates, monitors, and manages the processes that move data through data pipelines from point of origin to business use.
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