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Cloud Data Warehouse

A data warehouse that takes advantage of cloud compute and storage resources.

Added Perspectives
This tsunami is the “infrastructureless culture” that is being created by cloud data warehousing. It proposes to wipe out and wipe clean everything that we now think we know about data warehouses, data lakes, business intelligence and predictive analytics. This “tsunami in the room” is the movement of the data warehouse, business intelligence and predictive analytics to the cloud. It is big and it is happening now and those who act now are going to ride this wave rather than be overwhelmed by it.” “What it means is that there are going to be changes in our database world that reach beyond just business and technology. When we move our infrastructure technology to the cloud it becomes an appliance for us. It becomes an infrastructure that we no longer need to think about. It just works. And that has big implications for our corporate cultures. We become ‘infrastructureless’.
Cloud migration is one option for data warehouse modernization with many benefits including scalability, elasticity, cost savings, and performance gains.
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