Analytics Platform

An enterprise software that integrates all the functionality required for organizations to provide a comprehensive set of analytics capabilities, ranging from reporting and dashboarding to visualization and advanced analytics as well as the backend administration, connectivity, and integration with third-party software.

Added Perspectives
A modern analytics platform (MAP) is a software environment that is a proverbial one-stop shop for decision making that supports all modes of business intelligence (BI) and all types of business users. It is designed from the ground up to run on modern computing platforms: the Web, cloud, and mobile devices. It boasts a rich application programming interface (API) that supports a community of third-party developers who contribute add-ons, extensions, and utilities that enrich the MAP well beyond the resources and imagination of the platform vendor.
Modern Analytics Platform. Today, organizations seek BI products that blend the best of self-service and IT-driven approaches in a single, integrated platform (not a suite of products) that is comprehensive, open, extensible, and embeddable. A modern analytics platform-MAP for short-supports a community of developers and partners who contribute applications, extensions, and utilities that turn the platform into an analytics ecosystem. Moreover, the platform supplements “run the business” reports and dashboards with “change of business” analytics that help forecast or predict events and prescribe optimal actions.
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