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Past Events
Shop Talk Series

Shop Talk: DataOps

May 08, 2020

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DataOps is a combination of tools and processes to improve the throughput and quality of what data teams produce, turning data development from an artisanal craft to a scalable, industrial process. But how does a data team get started?

  • Speakers: Wayne Eckerson
  • Panelists: Eckerson Group Researchers and Consultants
  • Special Guests: Guy Adams - Datalytyx
                                Chris Bergh - DataKitchen
Community Forum Webinars

The Why and How of Streaming-First Data Architectures

April 22, 2020

We live in an event-driven world. Amazon one clicks, machinery gear turns, social media interactions, and myriad other digital events stream off all types of devices, creating business opportunities that demand fast attention.

Streaming-first data architectures enable organizations to capture short-lived business value from these events by processing and analyzing event data as it is created and before it is stored. Organizations build streaming-first architectures to enable real-time decision making, reduce cost, increase scale and accelerate applications. But challenges abound. Data teams must carefully scope their use cases, select the right technologies, and streamline processes while still integrating heterogeneous end points. 

Join this webinar to learn :  

- The benefits and challenges of a streaming-first architecture·  

- Key architectural components, and selection criteria for each·  

- How to operationalize your streaming-first architecture

Shop Talk Series

Shop Talk: The Data Lakehouse

April 17, 2020

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The newest kid on the data management block is the data lakehouse, an architectural construct that combines the characteristics of both data lakes and data warehouses while fully supporting business intelligence and machine learning workloads.  This session will explore whether the data lakehouse is marketing hype or something real. It will also examine approaches that different vendors (e.g. Dremio, Databricks, Microsoft, Snowflake) are taking to blend the best of data lakes and data warehouses.  

  • Speakers: Wayne Eckerson and Kevin Petrie
  • Panelists: Eckerson Group Researchers and Consultants
  • Special Guests: Jason Nadeau, Dremio
Community Forum Webinars

Ten Steps to Self-Service Success: How to Empower Business Users Without Losing Control

March 24, 2020

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Presenter: Wayne Eckerson, President, Eckerson Group

Many companies are turning to self-service analytics to address the perpetual information technology (IT) backlog that forces business users to wait months for new reports and data sets. But many self-service initiatives fail: either business users don’t adopt the new tools and practices or they overwhelm the company with conflicting reports and dashboards.

In this Community Forum, Wayne Eckerson will present a framework for implementing self-service successfully based on his extensive experience with clients and research on best practices. He will then open discussion to listeners who can provide feedback and suggest other successful strategies. The goal is to create a knowledge base of best practices for data analytics leaders.

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Community Forum Webinars

Bringing Business and IT Together

February 18, 2020

Presenter: Dave Wells, Analyst, Eckerson Group

The age of analytics is also the age of self-service and agility, blurring the lines between business and IT. Fractured working relationships of the past must be replaced with collaboration and collective understanding--goals that require a proactive approach to managing organizational and cultural change.

  1. The Business/IT Divide 

  2. Practical Steps to Alignment

  3. Measuring the Gap

  4. Analysis and Action