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Battle of Modern Data Architectures: From the Data Warehouse to the Data Fabric and Beyond

April 14, 2022

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In the fight to design our data environments, is there really only one best way?

Join Joe Hilleary, Senior Analyst at Eckerson Group, and Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, as they demystify the world of data architecture. In this session, Hilleary and DeMers will explore the evolution of modern data architectures, contrasting a variety of contemporary approaches. Beginning with the data warehouse, they will trace how these architectures have diverged from one another over time, providing context for new and emerging architectures such as the data fabric and dataware.

Sponsor: Cinchy

Community Forum Webinars

Demystifying Modern Data Governance Platforms

March 02, 2022

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Organizations' desire to maximize the untapped potential of all their data assets is stymied by piecemeal attempts to manually govern data silos without a consistent and cohesive view of corporate data. To address consumers' endemic distrust of data, organizations are considering data governance platforms that help build trust, ensure data quality, and govern access to its data assets. These platforms promise to unify disparate governance efforts into a single integrated platform. This webinar will go over the concepts and capabilities of data governance platforms, followed by a presentation from OvalEdge, including a demo of its data governance platform.


- Sanjeev Mohan, Senior Consultant at Eckerson Group

- Sharad Varshney, Founder at OvalEdge

Sponsor: OvalEdge

Community Forum Webinars

Everything You Need to Know About DataOps Solutions

September 29, 2021

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So, you're ready to start a DataOps program, but the DataOps vendor landscape is confusing - especially with vendors (re-)branding themselves as 'DataOps' solutions.

In this webinar, Wayne Eckerson, President of Eckerson Group, joins DataKitchen's Chris Bergh to discuss Eckerson's DataOps Processes and Technologies framework to understand DataOps solutions. They discuss:

  • The critical capabilities needed for DataOps success;

  • How to understand & compare different vendors' DataOps offerings;

  • The benefits of a DataOps Platform; &

  • The best approach for implementing a DataOps platform throughout your data organization.


Wayne Eckerson - President, Eckerson Group

Christopher Bergh - CEO & Head Chef, DataKitchen

Community Forum Webinars

Avoiding the Data Swamp: Successful Streaming Data Pipelines to the Cloud

September 09, 2021

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Elastic cloud platforms empower enterprises to digitize their business, optimize analytics, and gain a competitive advantage. However, they first must get their data onto cloud platforms. This is no trivial task. Duplicate data, data inaccuracies, slow pipelines, and insufficient streaming capabilities can lead to a data swamp versus data clarity. But, with the right strategic approach, businesses can achieve accurate, real-time data arriving on the Cloud that can easily scale as organizational demands grow.

Cloud databases and cloud analytics platforms consume rivers of data from sources such as SaaS applications, telemetry sensors, and legacy databases on premises. Each data point captures a digital event—the click of a customer purchase, turn of machinery gears, or arrival of a delivery package—that offers an opportunity. To operate and thrive, cloud platforms need streaming data pipelines to ingest and transform that data in a timely fashion. This webinar defines streaming data pipelines and why modern enterprises need them. It also explores how enterprise data teams can build efficient, effective streaming data pipelines that drive the modern digital business.

Join this webinar with Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group, and Ido Friedman, CTO at Equalum, to learn:
• The role of streaming data pipelines in cloud and hybrid environments
• The business demands driving their adoption
• Use cases for zero-downtime migrations and real-time ingestion
• Technical requirements and tool evaluation criteria
• Guiding principles to architect streaming data pipelines


- Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group

- Ido Friedman, CTO at Equalum

Sponsor: Equalum