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The Convergence of Data Management and Data Governance

June 28, 2022

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Managing data is complex. There are many dimensions of data that organizations need to manage to deliver business value at scale: quality, privacy, security, metadata, access, discovery, lineage, sharing, architecture, models, ML/AI, and so on. For each dimension, organizations need to establish policies, standards, and processes for governing data.

This webinar will examine the rationale and reality of this convergence and provide viewers with a real-life example of a converged data management and governance platform. By the end of the webinar, viewers will understand the value of a converged platform versus purchasing multiple tools to perform the same work.

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Community Forum Webinars

Dataware: Is an Integration-Minimizing Data Architecture Possible Today?

May 10, 2022

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Joe Hilleary, Senior Analyst at Eckerson Group, returns with Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, to explore the ins and outs of dataware, a new approach to data architecture. Hilleary will present a theoretical overview of dataware and its essential elements while DeMers will provide insights from his experience building a dataware platform. Together, they will deliver a comprehensive overview of this emerging technology—both what it is and what it’s good for.

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CDO TechVent: Data Governance Platforms

April 26, 2022

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Data governance technology is converging. In the past, organizations purchased data governance functionality from different vendors. Today, organizations can obtain all the data governance capabilities they need from a single vendor.

There is now a race among vendors to offer comprehensive support for all data governance capabilities on a single platform. Emerging data governance platforms promise to support all data governance functions, from data catalogs and business glossaries to policy catalogs, workflow management, and data governance reporting.

In some cases, data governance platforms focus exclusively on data governance activities; in others, they merge data governance with data management and analytics functionality. In either case, the data governance platform sends policies, guidelines, standards, and tags to data management and analytics software and receive metadata in turn to support governance activity.

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Community Forum Webinars

Battle of Modern Data Architectures: From the Data Warehouse to the Data Fabric and Beyond

April 14, 2022

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In the fight to design our data environments, is there really only one best way?

Join Joe Hilleary, Senior Analyst at Eckerson Group, and Dan DeMers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cinchy, as they demystify the world of data architecture. In this session, Hilleary and DeMers will explore the evolution of modern data architectures, contrasting a variety of contemporary approaches. Beginning with the data warehouse, they will trace how these architectures have diverged from one another over time, providing context for new and emerging architectures such as the data fabric and dataware.

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Community Forum Webinars

Demystifying Modern Data Governance Platforms

March 02, 2022

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Organizations' desire to maximize the untapped potential of all their data assets is stymied by piecemeal attempts to manually govern data silos without a consistent and cohesive view of corporate data. To address consumers' endemic distrust of data, organizations are considering data governance platforms that help build trust, ensure data quality, and govern access to its data assets. These platforms promise to unify disparate governance efforts into a single integrated platform. This webinar will go over the concepts and capabilities of data governance platforms, followed by a presentation from OvalEdge, including a demo of its data governance platform.


- Sanjeev Mohan, Senior Consultant at Eckerson Group

- Sharad Varshney, Founder at OvalEdge

Sponsor: OvalEdge