Slides: The Rise of the Data Lakehouse, Converged Analytical Workloads, and Generative AI

The data lakehouse fosters innovative analytics as it merges elements of the data warehouse and data lake. It enables data engineers to support data analysts that manage business intelligence (BI), data scientists that manage artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and business managers that play a rising role in analytics. And now the lakehouse empowers enterprises to reinvent their businesses with generative AI. 

This webinar defines the characteristics, adoption drivers, requirements, benefits, and use cases of a modern lakehouse platform, then explores how data teams should architect and manage the pipelines that deliver data for analytics and AI. Attendees also will learn how to deliver consolidated, accurate, and governed data for AI/ML model training with Databricks and Matillion. 

Join this webinar with Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group; Mark Balkenende, VP of Product Marketing at Matillion; and Denis Dubeau, Lead Solution Architect at Databricks, to learn: 

• The defining elements and characteristics of a modern lakehouse 

• Why enterprises should consider migrating or expanding analytics projects on it 

• How they should integrate data into and across the lakehouse 

• The opportunity for innovation with generative AI 

• Guiding principles for team collaboration

Sponsors: Databricks and Matillion

Kevin Petrie

Kevin is the VP of Research at BARC US, where he writes and speaks about the intersection of AI, analytics, and data management. For nearly three decades Kevin has deciphered...

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