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Achieving Success with Enterprise BI

Bl luminary Wayne Eckerson starts this e-book with a simple question: "Why is business intelligence so hard?"

Organizations of all sizes have implemented business intelligence (Bl) programs and tools, but penetration rates are still abysmally low by all accounts. With more than 20 years of experiencing helping organizations deploy Bl successfully, Eckerson answers that opening question with three articles that get to the root cause of the problem-and the solution.

In chapter one, Eckerson describes the Bl dynamics at play in most organizations, driven by two types of Bl users: casual and power users. He says, Bl leaders often make the mistake of treating everyone the same, and thus alienating everyone. In a Zen-like paradox, he exhorts Bl leaders to design two distinct worlds of Bl as a way to deliver a unified Bl environment.

In chapter two, Eckerson looks at the evolving state of Bl technology. He says a new breed of Bl tool has emerged that leverages new cloud, mobile, and browser-based design patterns. The new modern enterprise Bl tool reinvents the way Bl tools look, feel, and function and runs a single, integrated platform to support all types of Bl users and workloads.

In the final chapter, Eckerson looks at the most elusive all BI goals: user adoption. From the hundreds of variables that determine whether business users use BI tools as a decision-making aid, Eckerson selects the top ten, divided equally between casual and power users.

By distilling Wayne Eckerson’s knowledge about BI, this e-book provides many useful tips and techniques that will help you achieve BI success in your own organization.

Wayne Eckerson

Wayne Eckerson is an internationally recognized thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field. He is a sought-after consultant and noted speaker who thinks critically, writes clearly and presents...

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