A Guide to Data Strategy

Understand, Plan, Implement


Data Strategy Guidebook: What Every Executive Needs to Know

A data strategy paints a picture of how data will transform an organization and harmonize conflicting forces, such as governance & self-service, speed & standards. It defines goals, metrics, risks, use cases, and a roadmap that specifies the people, processes,  technology, organization, and cultural change required to achieve the vision. This report defines what a data strategy is, explains why organizations need them, and discusses how to create one. 


Webinar: Secrets to Creating an Effective Data Strategy - Tips from Industry Leaders

This webinar brings together industry experts and data leaders to discuss the what, why, and how of data strategies. This discussion is guaranteed to help your organization get more value from its data.

How Change Happens: Driving Technology Adoption

Recent research into the dynamics of social networks provides lessons for data leaders about how to spread and sustain change.

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Is Your Organization Data-Driven? Take Our Assessment

Eckerson Group's Success Signals assessment evaluates the degree to which your organization is data-driven. It assesses your organization's data &...

BI Power Struggle: A Strategy for Success

If you are a business intelligence (BI) leader and feeling on the defensive, there is good reason. Every ten years like clockwork, our industry swings...

The Head, Heart, and Herd of Change Management

Change is hard. Humans are hard-wired for constancy. Whether they know it or not, data analytics managers are change agents. For data analytics managers...

Plan Your Data Strategy

How to Sell a Data Strategy to Business Executives

This guide is for data and analytics leaders who need to convince business executives to invest in an enterprise data analytics program. Without executive support, data and analytics leaders face an uphill battle to ensure the success and survival of their programs—and their careers.


Interview with Tiffany Perkins-Munn

Wayne Eckerson conducts a lively interview with Tiffany Perkins-Munn who runs a 275-person data and analytics team at JP Morgan Chase.

Operating Models for Data & Analytics: How to Align Resources Across the Enterprise

An operating model aligns data & analytics resources across the enterprise. Its goal is to push development close to the business while maintaining...

Making the Most of Your Data Analysts: Strategies to Empower, Align, and Retain Them

Data analysts are pivotal to the success of a data and analytics program. Whether data analysts are centralized or embedded in departments, data leaders...

What Works Series: How to Put the Business First and become a Data-Driven Leader

This session of the What Work series will present a framework for becoming a data-driven leader that puts “business” back into business analytics.

Why Non-Profits Need a Data Strategy

Non-profit organizations are more mission-driven, consensus-driven, and resource-constrained than commercial organizations. As a result, it’s imperative...

Implement a Data Strategy

Constructing Your Data Strategy: A Business and Technical Foundation for Success

A data strategy is an enterprise-wide plan to harness data and analytics to achieve business goals. At a high level, it is a blueprint for creating a data-driven organization; at a low level, it is a set of plans to acquire, transform, and deliver data to business users and applications to facilitate decision-making and action. This course book defines a data strategy,  explains why organizations need them, and outlines its core components.


Kevin Sonsky: BI Leadership and Data Governance

This 30-minute podcast reveals the secrets to Kevin Sonky's success as senior director of business intelligence at Citrix Systems. 

Shakeeb Akhter: DataOps in Action - Implementing Agile and Automation

In this episode, Wayne Eckerson and Shakeeb Akhter dive into DataOps. They discuss what DataOps is, the goals and principles of DataOps, and reasons to...

How to Measure BI Success

For most BI managers, measuring success is an afterthought. It’s hard enough to get approval for a project and deliver results without having to kick...

Analytics ROI - How to Measure and Maximize the Value of Analytics?

Analytics ROI is directly related to how an organization perceives their Business Analytics program.  This article illustrates how an investment in an...

Creating a Data-Driven Organization: Steps for Success

By 2025 there will be a nearly unbridgeable data divide between data laggards and data leaders. This report highlights how organizations can cross the...