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Slides: The Art and Science of Data Integration for Hybrid Azure Environments

Many large and mid-sized enterprises standardize their analytics projects on Microsoft SQL Server. To meet modern business requirements, they now need to integrate data from myriad operational platforms into consolidated Azure cloud platforms to support data warehouse and data lake use cases. Their data engineers must manage pipelines that ingest and transform these high volumes of multi-sourced data, automating where possible and customizing where necessary.

This webinar defines a framework for data integration tools that address these requirements, then examines their adoption drivers, challenges, benefits, and use cases. It offers guiding principles and product evaluation criteria to simplify the data integration process, improve performance and scale, and modernize your analytics architecture. 

Join Eckerson Group and TimeXtender to learn:

  • What data integration means for Hybrid Azure environments
  • Why enterprise data teams need modern data integration tools
  • What benefits they can achieve, and what use cases they can support
  • How data engineers and architects can meet modern requirements
  • How to evaluate data integration tools for your team

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Kevin Petrie

Kevin is the VP of Research at BARC US, where he writes and speaks about the intersection of AI, analytics, and data management. For nearly three decades Kevin has deciphered...

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