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Slides: Data Storytelling in the Cloud: Characteristics and Approach of a Modern BI Platform

This webinar will explore recent trends among business intelligence platforms—namely the rise of data storytelling features and a shift toward the cloud.

Gathering and analyzing data isn’t enough to make your organization data-driven. Successful business intelligence (BI) initiatives depend on getting people to actually use your BI platform. Unfortunately, as long as there’s been BI, companies have struggled with adoption. Modern BI vendors have begun to combat this challenge by embedding data storytelling features directly into their platforms. A new, storytelling-centric approach to BI promises to make it easier to communicate and consume insights, helping more people derive value from data.

At the same time, the ability to deliver these capabilities in the cloud has become more crucial. Organizations have invested billions to migrate their data to the cloud over the last few years. Now that it’s there, analytics needs to join it. This means not only connecting natively to cloud sources, but also leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to deliver analytics to anyone, anywhere.

You will learn:

  • Trends in modern business intelligence tools
  • How to sync your BI strategy with your cloud strategy
  • The importance of embedded data story-telling

Sponsor: Toucan Toco

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