Slides: Are you a data laggard or data leader? Your roadmap to becoming a data-driven organization

Are you a data laggard or data leader? Your roadmap to becoming a data-driven organization

There is a growing divide between organizations that use data effectively and those that don’t. Data laggards don’t prioritize data; consequently, data is fragmented and siloed, and business users spend long hours cleaning and harmonizing it. There are no standard metrics or reports, and no one trusts or shares data. These companies find themselves spending more time arguing about data than acting upon it.

In contrast, the data elite live and breathe data; employees trust the data and take an active role in governing it. Executives use standard metrics and reports when making decisions. Analysts spend more time analyzing data than finding and cleaning it. These organizations use data to work proactively and apply algorithms to optimize or automate business processes.

This webinar discusses:

● What separate data laggards from the data elite

● A formula for crossing the data divide: P4+D=V

● A five-stage maturity model for evaluating progress

● How to assess your organization’s data maturity online

● The three C’s practiced by the data elite

Learn about the journey to becoming data-driven, the technologies, tools, and techniques the data elite use to transform their organizations and disrupt industries. The webinar highlights an Eckerson Group online assessment that helps organizations assess the degree to which they are data-driven.

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