NoSQL Evaulators Guide

NoSQL Evaulators Guide

Organizations are increasingly conceding the fact that the exploitation of its big data is a major factor in competitiveness in the next decade. Getting its big data under management is step one and, while the relational database market is at an all-time high, NoSQL databases are seen by many as the more elegant way of managing big, and occasionally small, organizational data.

While the temptation always exists to solve today’s data issues with yesterday’s solutions, most organizations have begun to cross the chasm to NoSQL databases. they are finding a remarkably mature market for its age, with a wealth of products to choose from.

Many workloads today need to manage all of their sensor data, full Webclick data, product data, state data, social data and/or related offshoots for up to thousands of concurrent users needing their data in real-time. this data may not fit well into non-contrived relational database tables. it is these workloads that represent competitiveness for the modern organization - a pulsating system of vibrant activity made possible with NoSQL

NoSQL is best suited to handle the requirements of these high-performance, webscalable, big data workloads. There are many examples of companies that use NoSQL databases to gain greater scale and performance, and they do it at less than the cost of relational database systems.

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