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Joe Hilleary on Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are a new, human-friendly way of organizing and navigating data that makes it easy to infer relationships that aren't explicitly defined. Knowledge graphs now power many applications in the cloud, including Google Search, data fabrics, and data catalogs. They make it easy to glean insights that aren't manually baked into the model. This is why people say knowledge graphs provide a rich, semantic user experience. 

Joe Hilleary, a senior research analyst at Eckerson Group, has been exploring knowledge graphs for the past 12 months. He has written several excellent blogs that explain knowledge graphs in a way that makes sense even for a modeling simpleton like me! We've combined his blogs into an e-Book called "Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs" which will publish shortly on our site. Listen to this podcast and then read the eBook if you want to understand the ins-and-outs of knowledge graphs. 

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