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Incorta Product Spotlight

Founded in 2013, Incorta is a new vendor that has reimagined how to deliver real-time reporting and analytics against complex, relational data. The company’s flagship product, also called Incorta, accelerates reporting and analytics deployment by eliminating the need for ETL, data models, and database indexes. Rather than transform data, Incorta ingests data into its database and then uses its Direct Data Mapping technology to identify all record-level relationships. This virtual mapping empowers the tool to execute complex joins without calculating a query plan, creating aggregates, pre-joining or denormalizing data, or employing temporary tables, database indexes, or other query acceleration techniques.

Incorta is ideal for reporting against operational data in business applications that have complex relational data structures. Because Incorta mirrors operational database schema, the tool makes it easy to capture updates and deliver real-time data to business users. It also leverages source system security, making it easy to support row-level security. To simplify data access, Incorta administrators usually craft a semantic layer on top of the operational schema. 

But because Incorta persists data as Parquet files, customers can store Incorta data in Hadoop and use Drill, which ships with Incorta, to query larger data sets. Data scientists can model the underlying Parquet data sets and feed results back into the Incorta engine for broader consumption. Incorta provides its own search-based visualization tool, but supports any SQL-based reporting or analytics tool that has a JDBC driver. It also has a REST API for programmatic access to its query engine.

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